Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Hygiene Policies

In order to complete the steelmaking cycle in line with participating in industrial development of Iran, putting emphasis on the principle of customers’ satisfaction, paying attention to its own social responsibilities, obeying the related legal requirements, and implementing the integrated system of quality control and its execution, Natanz Steel Company has considered the following cases as its top purposes.

The outlines of the company’s policies are as follows:

  1. Increasing the customers’ satisfaction by effective usage of integrated management system
  2. Constant promotion of the quality of the products by using the modern technologies in accordance with national and global standards.  
  3. Proper usage of the present machineries and equipment to increase the quality of the products.
  4. Upgrading skill levels, abilities and knowledge of the human resources through constant training
  5. To value the human resources as the most valuable investment of the company.
  6. To optimize the use of energy and resources based on the principles of sustainable development
  7. Preventing water, air and soil pollutions and making required attempts to decrease undesirable environmental consequences.
  8. Preventing the diseases and events caused by work and attempting to decrease them constantly.
  9. To promote hygiene and safety around the company.
  10. Using the products and services of the suppliers which are acceptable in terms of quality, environmental issues, safety and health.

The great family of Natanz Steel Industries believe that realizing the above-mentioned purposes is achievable through constant improvement and participation of efficient human resources in an appropriate working environment combined with organizational discipline.  

khat mashy