Natanz Steel Company began its work from the late forties on Pamenar Street in Tehran by selling construction ironware and along with conducting business in the industrial section, the company expanded its work in early fifties through producing steel products and establishing Natanz Steel Factories Complex. Combining knowledge and experience to produce different types of industrial, construction, and armature rods, this company promoted new developments in regard to diverse products, and subsequently, within a short period of time this company was able to play a principal role in the section of wire industry in regard to production and sale market.


Natanz Steel Co. began its work in 1999 by developing Natanz Steel Factories aiming at producing diverse industrial and construction rebars, supplying raw materials of wire industries and creating jobs in the region and Iran. In February 2004, the first production phase of this company was put into operation.

Enjoying efficient equipment and facilities in the field of steel industry, this company has been established in the Industrial Town of Natanz Steel located in Natanz County. Thanks to the efforts of the specialist and diligent personnel and relying on update knowledge of the world, Natanz Steel Company has been able to reach the apex of Iran’s Steel Industry and to progress with a lasting name and to prevent import of hundreds of thousand tons of steel products.